Monday, May 14, 2018

2018 Memorial Day Bash

Apparently 2017's games missed the cut. We had a good time playing Modern Spearhead and Stardust if I remember correctly.

No matter, it's a year on and another gaming get together is in order. This will be Sunday, May 27 at mi casa. I want to start the first game at noon, which should give us plenty of time for three games if you're up for it.

First up will be the Batman Miniatures Game. It may seem an odd choice, but it's a fun, light skirmish game with plenty of character. Should be a nice icebreaker.

The scenario will be "deal gone bad" with the Riddler and friends making an exchange with some pre-movie Suicide Squad members. Throw in some good guys busting up the deal and some mistrust between the two groups of crooks and you've got a messy three-sided affair.

Next up will be an ahistorical Victory at Sea - Age of Dreadnoughts battle featuring the Russian Black Sea Fleet intercepting an Austro-Hungarian convoy. Big ships. Big guns. Big entertainment. No fancy planes or radar here, this is just an old-fashioned shootin' contest.

Time and attitudes permitting, I'm prepared to throw Check Your 6: Jet Age on the table for some late 20th-century dog fighting. Not super sure of what scenario I'll put on the table, but since the other two games are ready to go, I've got a little time to get it together.

Hope to see you then!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2016 Wrap Up

Sunday was a blast! We only got in Sabre Squadron (won by the WPA defenders - David and Anson) and With Sword and Shield (won by the Dwarven defenders Mike and Lee). 10+ hours of gaming was plenty.

Detailed AARs on the main site here

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Late Addition

Just in case we have time... just in case the early games end up remarkably one-sided and are over in a flash... I'm adding one game to menu.

Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts

The battle will feature a Russian supply convoy being intercepted by a Turkish group on the Black Sea. V@S is an easy system to pick up so I don't foresee much difficulty getting a bunch of novice sailors on board.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

One year on and we'll do it again! It's not going to be very "America" themed this year, but it will be fun.

The game plan:

12:00pm (That's noon to some of you)  Sabre Squadron
     The Litumsian civil war continues! The Rebels of the MCC are attacking a government airstrip. Take command of some rabble and enjoy some good old-fashioned third world fightin'. We'll be using my 15mm "modern" Africans. The game uses d10s - bring some lucky ones if you're superstitious.

3:00 (Or whenever the table is cleared and set back up)  With Sword and Shield
    That link won't get you too much info. Haha. WSS is still in beta testing, but you can give it a try! A combined group of Dark Elves and Demonic Horde attack the brave Stunties Dwarves. Become an entry into the Great Book of Grudges or break out a pen and start recording the dastardly dishonor done to your kinfolk.  I'll be supplying 6mm minis and will have plenty of dice. WSS uses a mix of die types, d4 - d10s.

Evening  X-Wing (probably) and/or Wings of Glory WWII
     These games are easy enough for any number of folks to just sit and play without too much thinkery. I've got enough ships for X-Wing , although it's a worthwhile idea to bring extra dice and templates. Bring WWII WoG planes if you have 'em. I have eight right now and may pick up a few more.

There's room for a second table if you're willing to supply a 4 X 6, minis and everything else necessary.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


In a few short days, Mike and I turned a game of Check Your 6! Jet Age into a Memorial Day
Weekend micro-con of sorts. We're going to run America-themed miniatures games on Sunday, May 24th at Morningstar Games in Savannah. Games will begin around noon.

I'll be running Check Your 6! Jet Age games, Vietnam, Gulf War and maybe others.

Mike is putting together a Squad Leader Miniatures game featuring GIs and Germans.

We're pressuring Alan to run a game of Flames of War - I want him to try to set up a participation scenario, but anything is good.

Life permitting, we'd like this to become an annual event, so come on out and have some fun with us! If you'd like to run a game, leave a comment or message Mike on Facebook.